Washed away cruel, white asylums
Dirty feet born to empty closets
Loving the cold, because you’re the tyrant
Hearing the call of dreamy sirens

Gothic folk act IJdelheid unveils an enchanting new single, “Gathering”, the first song from the Dutch artist’s forthcoming new album, Unholy IJdelheid is the solo project of Ruben Wijlacker, singer and guitarist of avant-garde black metal maestros Grey Aura. This gentle, plaintive sound is decidedly the opposite of black metal; it is the essence of misty fog after a night of dense thunderstorms; of the footsteps of fae folk timidly venturing back outside from their woodland dwellings.

The ethereal track is a meandering wander through various soundscapes and surrealist visions. His dreamy, airy vocals, bringing to mind a more contemplative Sigur Rós mixed with Nick Cave, Steeleye Span, Swans, and Current 93, intertwine with subtle guitar work in captivating pop structures. The evocative lyrics and imagery, however, hint at the contrasting underlying darkness.

“The folkish cadence contrasts with its surrealist lyrics, which deal with nightmares, oppression and God,” explains Wijlacker. ‘Estranging visions are evoked, yet never fully revealed, making the track a hallucinogenic lullaby for those who wish to explore the subconscious.”

Listen below:

Unholy will be released on May 7th, on limited edition CD and all digital channels through Onism Productions and direct from the artist. You can stream it on Spotify below:

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