Held on the verge
It’s too late to lay down here

Following a brief hiatus, Berlin-based post-punk artist A.D. Mana returns in his video for “Lure”. The project, A.D. Mana, is the solo guise of producer Adam Ferns, who, with this musical outlet, weaves a phantasmagoric melange of cold-wave, post-punk, and elektro-pop that is in part inspired by time roaming the ambient spaces in metropolia such as London, Melbourne, Tokyo, and most notably Berlin, the setting for which this latest musical exploration takes place.

“Lure” features captivating synth arpeggios, and like the branches of barren trees, it utilizes skeletal electronic beats to embody the descent into the stark and mesmerizing hinterland of the song.

With accents of classic post-punk guitar tones, “Lure” meanders the margins of genre by fusing the track with echoes of trip-hop and dark R&B to create an aural aura that is equal parts palliative and unnerving.

The understated video for “Lure” was shot piece by piece over the course of a year, by Emma Taggart, with editing by Ferns himself, The result is a sequence of shots that via Kuleshov effect, invoke a dreamlike fugue state that captures a feeling of spiraling into an ever-shrinking circle of experience.

Watch the video for “Lure” below:

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