Oh, These vague little Intuitions of mine;
Manifests and grows like a vine up my spine

Straight from the catacombs of a grungy basement in Columbus, Ohio lurks Von Schmaltzy, the solo project of one Celtic Schmaltz.

With the new single release, “Intuition”, Von Schmaltzy throws the following into a cauldron: one part essence of gothic rock, one part Dave Vanian-style crooning…and the secret ingredient: eau de psychedelia. The resulting sonic potion sounds akin to The Psychedelic Furs, The Cure, The Chameleons, and Yves Tumor. The hypnotic, repetitive track examines the left-hand path of following your instincts, lulling the listener nearly into an altered theta state.

“Intuition is a track you could bust a broken move to (if you wanted),” says Schmaltz. “The song focuses on the sixth sense; on pure instinct. Being that I do everything on my own; it’s kind of a blind art. Relying on my own intuition becomes a sixth sense. I feel with the current polarizing climate; it’s a somewhat relatable song for many people. It’s hard to know what the hell to believe anymore.”

Listen to “Intuition” below:

This song will be one of nine in the forthcoming LP, Snake In The Garden. It’s hard to fathom the album is a DIY project, given the poetic, sinister richness to the overall sound.

“I try to take a different approach with each song. This one is a lot more whimsical. However, it is the most lighthearted in nature compared to the rest to come without a doubt. The singles that follow will see much more of a robust Goth flavor and take listeners into a much darker and grim world.”

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