Ich hab mich jahrelang gefragt
Wie es wohl ist, wenn dein Herz bricht
Aber jetzt wo es soweit ist
Bedeutet es mir nichts

Taking cues from Einstürzende Neubauten, Coil, Malaria, Boy Harsher, Grauzone and the (neue) Neue Deutsche Welle, German experimental electronic outfit BETONPROSA unleashes a fiercely bizarre new offering with the anguished: “Wie Es Ist”. Translated as roughly “what it’s like” or “how it feels”, the acerbic cacophony of the track is a sonic and visual metaphor for sorrow, grief, and mourning, and how it feels to have your heartbroken.

The performance video, directed by Carsten Krause with cinematography by Lucas Männecke, depicts the band in dreary liminal spaces, perhaps an asylum or abandoned factory setting, with eerie, androgynous figures appearing as messengers. The effect is extremely Lynchian, particularly with the overlaid faces recalling the nefarious B.O.B. of Twin Peaks. The visuals bring the intensity of the track into a disturbing vision to the screaming and spoken word lamentation performed in German.

Watch the video for “Wie Es ist” below:

The track can be streamed and ordered here:

BETONPROSA passionately represents a categorically intersectional point of view and understands music as empowerment and a platform for FLINTA* (a German acronym for non-cisgendered men) voices. Issues of importance to the project include sexualised violence, mental health and political awareness.


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