Italian duo Unusual Architecture serve up some eerie, spacey synth with their new track “Satellite”. The song zaps down from the stratosphere in their debut studio album, Backwards (Wave Records).

Unusual Architecture, founded in 2019, is comprised of musicians Davide Carlotti and Susanna Zaghi, previously members of prominent Italian New Wave band Intelligence Dept.

The sounds of “Satellit”e are characterized by pressing rhythms, and hammering sequencers, creating ethereal atmospheres with a dark character – the cinematic urgency of a worrying sci-fi film.

What is coming through the ether to the listener? Susanna’s intense, rich voice weaves it all together, sprinkled with Davide’s sax and keyboard. The track, recorded, mixed and mastered by Arturo Pellegrini, is a beautiful piece of retro-futurism, with Susanna’s haunting vocals beaming through space and time.

The video has a distinct Blade Runner meets Doctor Who meets Alan Watts feel, illustrating the track with whizzing wormholes, kaleidoscopic interstellar travel, and cosmic consciousness connecting us all.

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