Becomes reality
My wishes claim my sanity
No sense of gravity

Chicago-based electronic musician Geedomane is firing on all cylinders, tapping into his creativity these days. The Mexican-American artist got his start playing bass guitar, then expanded his repertoire into electric guitar, production and voice. He found his stride and artistic freedom by using music as a means of emotional expression: Geedomane is a one-man operation, having written, recorded, produced, mixed, and mastered everything himself.

His bombastic new electronic music track Tell Me, premiering here today, deals with the subject of obsession versus reality. How do we delude ourselves into thinking there’s something more? What goes through our minds during these bouts of miscommunication?

“When looking back at experiences, whether with a friend, or a lover it may feel as if though certain feelings and ideas were there…but what if they were rather all in your head?” Geedomane explains. “Tell Me hones in on that idea.”

“Tell Me” is a fiery, moody, EBM-infused darkwave banger, channeling the likes of Boy Harsher, Prayers, Linea Aspera, Kontravoid, and NNHMN. Geedomane‘s sharp vocals play off the synths well, with menacing whispers emanating from the background. Play this one loudly, and heed its message well!

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