Gary Numan has unveiled another video in promotion of his eighteenth studio outing Intruder, an album series of conceptual works that continues exploring the theme of a ravaged planet.

In the narrative of Numan’s previous outing Savage, Earth and humanity have been crushed by the effects of global warming; Intruder examines climate change further, this time from the planet’s point of view.

“Climate change is the undeniable sign of the Earth saying enough is enough, and finally doing what it needs to do to get rid of us, and explaining why it feels it has to do it,” says Numan. “…The planet sees us as its children now grown into callous selfishness, with a total disregard for its well-being. It feels betrayed, hurt, and ravaged,” he continues. “Disillusioned and heartbroken, it is now fighting back. Essentially, it considers humankind to be a virus attacking the planet.”

Gary Numan continues to raise this warning and shine a spotlight on the hypocrisy of religion in the video for “Saints and Liars,” the new single from the forthcoming LP Intruder.

“‘Saints and Liars’ is the earth drawing attention to our blind faith in religion, in a fictitious God, who in reality does nothing for us, while at the same time abusing and destroying the planet, which does everything for us,” Numan says of the song.

The video for “Saints and Liars” is directed by IAMX’s Chris Corner, and was filmed in the Amboy Crater within the Mojave Desert.

Watch the video below:

Intruder is available to pre-order on Standard and Deluxe CD, 2LP black and coloured Vinyl, a double picture disc LP, and/or cassette. Pre-ordering the album comes with a few special perks: exclusive access to a private room in Gary’s merch shop, where you can receive exclusive audio, text, and video updates documenting the creation of the project.

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