Franco-Portuguese duo Meta Wave unleashes the brilliant Cloudbuster, a single from their upcoming LP MEANS/END, an industrial/electro/noise tour de force with an intriguing Middle Eastern flair. 

Bursting at the seams with hammered rhythms and lyrical singing, synthetic bass and noisy guitars, Meta Wave  brings a breath of vital air, the foam after the breaking wave, the calm after devastation. With the flair of Nine Inch Nails, A Place To Bury Strangers, These New Puritans, Trentemøller and Koudlam, Cloudbuster evokes the loss of motivation and desire. The apragmatic narrator seeks momentum and inspiration in the movement of the clouds. 

MEANS/END is their first LP, with tracks composed during quarantine. Originally conceived as a soundtrack with a recurring musical theme in the form of a triptych: Ablaze/Cloudbuster/A Means To An End.

“The title “MEANS / END” has two meanings, it can just be interpreted as “Means the end” or as a contraction of “A means to an end,” the band clarifies.

The photo on the cover represents the inverted tower or “initiatory well” of Sintra in Portugal, which was meant to symbolically lead in stages from darkness to light.

The project, consisting of David Monteiro Afonso (lyricist, vox) and Olivier Feuillet (composer, instrumentalist), began in 2019 with the single Misleader, followed by a live EP What does a flood sound like? and two live sessions at the Musée Sauvage: Loop and a cover of Hurt by Nine Inch Nails. They then followed up with a video for a new single called Monte Amarelo, with Portuguese lyrics. 

The video clip of Cloudbuster was directed by Manon Hody, using VHS shots and recurring images from television. The antennae are reminiscent of the ‘Cloudbuster,’ a highly controversial device designed by Austrian psychoanalyst Wilhelm Reich, who claimed his machine could bring rain.

Watch the clip below:

Produced by Guillaume Léglise (Vox Low), the cassette tape will be released as a small edition of 55 copies. The cassette will be available to order on 28th May through Germany’s Mörtel Sounds.

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