Fatal Morgana might be familiar to fans of old school EBM and proto-techno because of the band’s limited discography that, before now, included two 12″ releases and an LP in 1989 and 1990 on the label Antler-Subway. Their specific style mixed mournful synth melodies and defiant basslines alongside Front 242-level precision in their production and politics. When members Mr. Fact and E. Smidt formed in Amsterdam in late 1988, they couldn’t have conceived how great of an influence their sound would have thirty years down the road with the latest craze of EBM and industrial-influenced techno.

Mecanica Records, who has been releasing a slew of quality EBM and industrial music reissues such as Dive, Force Dimension, and Acid Horse, returns with their latest offering of two Fatal Morgana releases on June 15th. The Final Destruction double LP is a compilation that brings together the band’s entire discography on one album, while The Destruction Remixes is a 12″ EP with reinterpretations of classic tracks by Fatal Morgana themselves, as well as aufnahme + wiedergabe staples Nostromo and Imperial Black Unit.

The music video for “Glastnost (Terrorist Mix)” features clips of war and political leaders, including President George W. Bush, that echoes the samples of the former US president inserted into the new remix of Fatal Morgana’s song.

“The problems of nowadays are solved with solutions which will lead to the total destruction of mankind. Most people think that these solutions will solve the world problems but… this is just a Fatal Morgana!”. This was written in 1990 as a prediction of what is a happening now… 30 years later.


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