We’re a cool eye
A careless
Curse word’s worth away

Many post-punk artists of the late 70s and 80s have one cherished record in their collection of vinyl LPs: David Bowie’s 1977 experimental album and masterpiece Low. Like those who took influence from Low, Bowie himself took influence from British-American singer-songwriter Scott Walker. Walker, a true visionary, famously drifted off from the 60s pop ballads of his band The Walker Brothers into a vast and spacious experimental territory that side two of Low meets at an aural crossroads.

It is here too, with “We Lose Our Cool, that British experimental act Fritch meets the footfall of those two legends, encased in the dust and the earth as a monument to these three thoughtful sonic journeys guided by a rich baritone vocal.

“We Lose Our Cool” is a soft, introspective, and fluid meditation, guided by resonate keys sighing with the melancholic vocals that quake with ethereal beauty.

“What begins as a warning of a love close to loss in the heat of an argument’s cool-off, slowly weaves into new sets of textures.” explains Fritch.

Watch the video below, courtesy of AFallingBird:

Fritch’s “We Lose Our Cool” is the band’s first new track following their 2020 debut How’s the View There. The band was formed via laptop in the United States and Vietnam and now finds its home in England and South Wales.

“We Lose Our Cool” is the first of three singles leading up to the release of Fritch’s forthcoming new album “Unwire Rewire Rewire”, which is set for release in November 2021 via Other Voices Records.

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