Los Angeles-based duo OCCULTS have released another great track, this time the soaring single “Sacred Heart”, a burning alt-rock anthem evoking the full dynamic palette of the band’s influences, like their post-punk forbears The Smiths, Joy Division, The Cure, The Church, and more.

After 20 years of writing and performing together in the dance-pop band Nothing Still, Emilio Hernandez and drummer, Patrick Lawrence formed their Post-Punk/Shoegaze revival project Occults. Together the two musicians decided to use this new musical exploration to expand their horizons and fall in love again with the kind of records heard on college radio and found on the shelves of cult record stores when they were teenagers.

With this in mind, Occults indeed have conjured an authentic mixture of early 80’s Post-Punk era melodies and the wistful melancholia of early 90’s Shoegaze, resulting in songs that would belong in a playlist featuring tracks from Psychocandy and Disintegration. This is due to their elaborate rhythms and melodies found on each track, driven by Johnny Marr-esque guitar intricacies, and dream-hued bedside vocals by Hernandez.

Listen to “Sacred Heart” below:

Occults are currently releasing their Debut EP, “Sacred Heart”, as individual singles, with each new release dropping every month through the end of 2021. Previously through this campaign, the band had released the tracks “Ghost Town”, “Physical”, and “Little Joy”.

Listen to all these singles via the band’s Spotify page here.

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