Estonian Artist Kadri Sammel aka Bedless Bones is getting ready to release her debut LP on Cold Transmission Music just in time for Autumn Equinox.

Sammel, from Tallinn, Estonia, began experimenting with electronic music in 2014, after singing in various choirs since childhood. Also in 2014,  she joined long-running experimental industrial/deathbeat band Forgotten Sunrise as a multi-instrumentalist and backing vocalist, where she is still an active member to this day.

After a few self-released singles, such as tracks “True Devotion”, “Lip Labor”, and a cover of the Nick Cave and The Bad Seeds song “Jack The Ripper”, her debut album Sublime Malaise will finally be released.

Thematically, Sublime Malaise is described as:

“an exploration of a shifting state; an envisioned departure from ill-being, finding a ground, the juxtaposition of vivid abstract sensations and the mundane dullness of existence; the corporeal ailments and the boundless routes of the mind.”

It’s a nocturnal journey of darkness and light, where relapse, intimidating encounters, and self-irony are ever-lurking. Sonically it carries the spirit of darkwave and coldwave, but also incorporates elements from other genres and contemporary sound design.

Two videos already accompany tracks culled from the album, such as for “Where Is My Voice”:

And “No Ceremony”:

The track “Limbs Entwined” is also available on Bandcamp:

Sublime Malaise is sultry, dark, hypnotic, and spellbinding—authentically recapturing the transitional essence of mid to late 80s darkwave of Clan of Xymox to the ethereal electronica of the early 90s, not unlike that seen in acts such as Delerium.

All tracks written by Kadri Sammel. Mastered In Dreams by Anders Melts, Tallinn,
Estonia, Anno 2019.

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