On September 1st, 1986, Scottish post-punk progenitors of multiple genres of dreamy and baroque effects-laden music, Cocteau Twins, released their final EP on 4AD, Love’s Easy Tears.

Initially, the EP was released issued as a 7″ single, with “Those Eyes, That Mouth” as the b-side, and a 12″ version that also included the track “Sigh’s Smell of Farewell”.

In 1991, Love’s Easy Tears was re-released on 4AD as a CD single with a fourth track, “Orange Appled” (originally only found on a US only Relativity Records release of the EP on cassette and vinyl), which according to bassist Simon Raymonde, was, despite it being a non album track, one of the band’s favourite songs to perform live, starting from the CD release in 1991, until the band broke up in 1997.

Love’s Easy Tears was the eighth EP released by the band, and being their last EP for 4AD, it became hard to come by after the CD version went out of print, leaving eager fans to left order the infamous 10 Disc EP box set, released on November 4th, 1991.

Cocteau Twins would not release another EP until 1993’s Snow.

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