Laurent Sinclair, Keyboardist, and founding member of pioneering French New-Wave band Taxi Girl has Passed Away.

The musician, whose face was painted on the cover of the band’s popular single and title track of their debut Cherchez le garçon, died in Paris Sunday night at the age of 58 years old.

“He died of rock’n’roll,” said Laurent’s son.

Journalist Pierre Mikaïloff, who interviewed Laurent Sinclair in 2014, also confirmed the death via an announcement made on Twitter:

“For those who knew him through Taxi Girl, those who followed his adventures post TG, those who loved him, simply, Laurent Sinclair has distorted us company … It was also a brilliant musician, the most brilliant of between us, said Daniel Darc. Sale temps”

Laurent is the third member of Taxi Girl to pass away, following singer Daniel Darc, who died 2013, and Pierre Wolfsohn, the band’s original drummer, whose death in 1981 led to Jet Black drummer of The Stranglers providing percussion on the band’s second album Seppuku.

Notably, Seppuku was also produced by Jean-Jacques Burnel of The Stranglers. Taxi Girl would join on the Stranglers on tour in the UK in 1981, providing support to British band for their La Folie tour.

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