Enigmatic Swiss art-rock outfit 4 Beat Grace deal with the “not always so nice life” in their post-punk; wallowing in the abysses of dark dream worlds, yet never despairing. Making wry commentary on the abysses of human life and the hope of overcoming them, Zurich’s 4 Beat Grace gracefully weaves experiences and dreams, inspired by a broad musical taste and a commitment to social equality and questioning the status quo. Reto Scherrer, aka R Grace, writes the music and lyrics; Sagex sings and is responsible for the “aura,” in the vein of Siouxsie and the Banshees, Alien Sex Fiend, The Cramps, Lene Lovich, Lebanon Hanover, B52s, and Wire.

The new single from the band, Storm, is about “storms in the head,” according to R Grace. “The overload is in the “Storm” program…the 7/24 availability, increasing challenges, and social media bring some into the eye of the hurricane.” The self-directed video clip is rife with symbolism as the band is superimposed upon various landscapes.

Watch  the video for “Storm” below:

R Grace is fascinated by the depths of human life, processing experiences from thirty years of playing music. He is proudly eclectic in his tastes, daring inspiration from his record collection, which ranges from Slayer to Chopin. This can be seen in the eclectic post-punk sounds found in 4 Beat Grace’s growing song repertoire.

Listen to more songs from 4 Beat Grace’s self-titled EP below:

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