Los Angeles-based artist Indiana Bradley announces a new single, “Rats on Cocaine,” from the EP “Pale City.” Producer Hunter Burgan (A.F.I) makes an appearance on the track and album.

Like lemmings and the children of Hamlin lured by the Pied Piper, the frenetic song’s message is dark and sinister behind the catchy hooks. “Rats on Cocaine juxtaposes the euphoric drug and party culture of Los Angeles, with the sinister and deadly cliff that same culture drives us to as willing passengers.”

Having lived in dozens of countries from Argentina to Indonesia, Indiana Bradley accumulated a sophisticated worldview working as a journalist far from his Midwestern roots. He translates these experiences into driving guitars, rhythmic keys, and a lyrical tapestry meant to interpret life, death, good and evil. His droning baritone growl juxtaposes beautifully with the Fugazi-meets-The Damned pace. This song, in particular is anthemic, poetic, and emotional, bringing to mind The Teardrop Explodes, Lords of The New Church, The Gun Club, and The Birthday Party.

The accompanying DIY video clip is comprised of 50s-era Soviet anti-western propaganda cartoons, sliced up 100 ways, and rearranged to fit the track.

Watch below:

Bradley has released one LP, “Ghost Star,” and two live albums recorded at The Satellite and Harvard & Stone.

Following the full EP release, Bradley, has another 6 song EP produced by “Ghost Star” collaborator Seth Olansky set to drop in early 2023.

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