Los Angeles-based electronic music project Possessor debuts their music video for Modern Monster, off their recently released EP, Fatal Fixations, which was released on September 1, 2022.

The Xavier Hamel and Esther Zeilig-directed clip follows a young man, enmeshed in the virtual world, who becomes captivated by a beautiful, dominant woman (and her monsterous minions) that appear on his computer screen. (Beware: if you’re of a certain age, memories of AIM chats will swim in your mind, although most of us probably weren’t talking to such a goth siren!) “Modern Monster” invites the viewer to explore a dark sensuality and embrace their inner “monster,” in homage to 90’s video horror aesthetics. It’s sensuous, ominous, and intriguing – with gorgeous cinematography by Ludovica Isidori.

Watch the video below:

Possessor is singer/songwriter Blaze Powers and electronic artist Jonathan Bonilla (John). Possessor was born out of the turbulent early years of the COVID pandemic when the trauma of the times compelled John to seek a transformative outlet. Blaze coined the term “New Goth” to describe the sound that they sought to explore. Possessor was formed, and the two began working on their debut EP, Fatal Fixations.

Fatal Fixations includes five seductively haunting tracks. Blaze’s reverb drenched vocals and provocative lyrics about heartbreak, obsession, and mortality combine with John’s hypnotic synth drones and industrial drums to create an immersive, cinematic soundscape. The product is an inviting, modern blend of goth and pop.

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