35 years of Bauhaus, and roughly 30 years Solo (if you count Dali’s Car) Peter Murphy’s 10th album Lion arrives June 3 on Nettwerk Records. Revealing indeed that Murphy is a Man Who Fell To Earth, he lovingly references the alien nature of  his new record:

“It’s a mixture of The White Album, which goes into “Helter Skelter,” and kind of “I Am the Walrus” type of arrangement stuff…It’s a lot — kind of like, ‘Who is that person? How can he imagine he can do all that?’ I just think I’m out of place, really. I’m like (David) Bowie, Iggy (Pop), Frank Sinatra, Elvis (Presley) all rolled into one, and it’s kind of like, ‘What planet did he come from?’”


Roaring with the intensity of production values provided by Youth (Killing Joke), Eliza the latest track to priemier. Murphy describes it as “a song of encouragement, to a fictitious character, to leave self-blame behind and find the joy of being herself and the celebration of life …”

Hear it via the YouTube embed above; or visit Sonic Seducer if you live in Germany.

Pre-order special editions of Lion (along with the forthcoming 35 Years of BauhausDVD) over at pledgemusic.com. For updates, including tons of upcoming tour dates, head to FacebookTwitter and/or petermurphy.info.

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