Dreamy shoegaze artist THALA has unveiled the video for her bewitching “Serenade”, a song that evokes all the soft reverie of drifting away during a warm summer while listening to the lulling music played on alternative radio stations circa 1991.

Born and raised in Berlin,  THALA began performing music publicly in 2019 busking as a street musician, at open mic events. After several months of hard work, she was enlisted as support to a few well known international artists and thus garnered the attention of many in the music industry.

It was then that THALA came to the attention of Berlin label Duchess Box Records who were eager to work with her on getting her music out there.

With her music, THALA combines a dreamy soundscape with thoughtful lyrics and brings back some retro vibes from the 70s mixed with 80/90s shoegaze and psych, drawing on influences from the likes of Mazzy Star, Beach House, Cigarettes After Sex, and The Brian Jonestown Massacre.

Her first single, “Serenade”, was produced by Michael Kümper with whom their musical partnership has created the perfect balance between her songwriting and his production to generate these dreamy recordings.

On writing “Serenade”, THALA elaborates:

 “Serenade was written during my stay in the canaries after I’ve witnessed multiple people pretending to be happy living the ‘forever beach-life’ as an endless cycle even though clearly they weren’t. Most of them were stuck. Back then I was working as a waitress at a bar and everything was very superficial. Life was about being seen rather than being appreciated for who you might be. I guess that’s one of the ‘darker sides’ to a perfect get away that never ends.”

Watch the video for “Serenade” below:

“Serenade” is the first single from THALA’s forthcoming debut album which will be released in 2021 on Duchess Box Records (Born Losers Records will release in North America).

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*Featured photo by Celeste Call

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