Dmitry Wild presents a beautiful slice of a gothic western in his new single, “Castle Walls”. The narrative folk tale track weaves a tale of a man, and the castle walls that surround his heart. Channeling Johnny Cash, Nick Cave, Jesus and Mary Chain, and Lee Hazlewood, the NYC-based artist is honing his skills as a sonic and visual storyteller with this track.

“Castle Walls” explores transformational experience in modern life, where we witness the manifestation of one’s insecurities and egos on the world’s stage. Wild highlights the need to shed our ego, and to go to a place where man is most vulnerable: his own heart. It’s time to tear down those ‘castle walls’ and let love, with all its forms, within the soul.

The video was filmed in Hudson, NY by the Strange House Media crew (Tryst and Byron Frayne), and features his current band, Dmitry Wild and the Spells:  drummer Tommy Love, bassist Robert Paley, and a guest keyboardist, Ryder Cooley (Dust Bowl Fairies). It also features landscape scenery from the desert in Palm Springs, California. Bringing to mind Anton Corbijn’s videos of U2 and Depeche Mode, the sweeping landscapes juxtaposed with the dark performances show a similar dichotomy of human emotion expressed in the lyrics.

Watch below:

“Castle Walls” is currently available on all social media platforms.

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Spring 2022 Live Shows:

  • Mar 26 – Rockwood Music Hall, NYC
  • Apr 1 – Fuse Box, Albany, NY
  • Apr 15 – Hudson Brewing, Hudson, NY
  • Apr 28 – Pete’s Candy Store, NYC
  • May 14 – Hudson Milliner Salon, Hudson, NY

50% of the proceeds from live shows and music sales will go to Humanitarian Aid in Ukraine.

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