Welcome to the dark side. Berlin-based post-punk outfit SNIFF meld reverb-drenched guitar, smoky vocals, and hypnotic rhythms with their sultry debut single, “Get Off”. Drawing the listener into a trance-like state with hypnotic bass and drowsy, mournful vocals, the crashing cymbals and frantic guitar erupt into a wall of sound during the chorus.

“Get Off” has a dual meaning here, straddling the line between arousal…and repulsion. Cinematic and sensual, this bluesy dark track is just this side of unhinged. It is ominous and knowing, weaving a sonic web of fascination to the listener. The song is an exploration of hedonism that rejoices in shameless self-expression, tension, and release.

The monochromatic DIY video for the track features two people smoking and harnessing up for a night to remember, illustrating the mood of the song with an ominous display of erotic thrills.

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Hailing from Italy, Australia, Britain and Scotland respectively, SNIFF is composed of Nico Pili (Vocals), James Pain (Drums), Chris White (Bass), and Daniel Murphy (Guitar). Their music reflects the smoky back rooms, late-night bars, and dysfunctional discos in which they met. Collaborating with producer Leonard Kaage (Errorr, the Underground Youth) in Spring 2021, the group got to work on recording their debut seven-track EP. Produced and mixed in Kaage’s recording studio, the self-titled EP (including Get Off) is due May 2022 via Anomic Records.

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