Gene Woolfolk, android guitarist of Athens, Georgia’s deathrock/post-punk band Vincas, has shed his organic parts and has augmented himself in a new synthetic-based guise in his new solo venture, Dream Tent.

Dream Tent invokes 80s synthpop melodies channeled through the retrofuturistic and nostalgic haze of vapourwave and its surreal sonic dreamscapes. Dream Tent promises tuns that will invoke the feeling as if you rode on the back of a Cheetah through some sort of augmented reality hijacking of a real-life version of Grand Theft Auto’s Vice City, which seems an accurate assessment on a sound akin to the early works of Depeche Mode, Kraftwerk, Tears for Fears, and Drab Majesty.

Regarding the song “F*ck This Up”, Woolfolk explains:

“F*ck This Up” is about, you guessed it, fucking up (pardon moi), self-sabotage, shifting perspective, staying present, breaking unhealthy habits, unlearning poor behavior patterns, improving attitude, reprogramming, staying focused, knowing your own worth, processing and accepting trauma. Mistakes happen and no one is perfect. Don’t surrender to challenge because existing is a battle worth fighting and it’s guaranteed to always get real. “It’s what you do with it.”

But yeah I made some bleeps and bloops and BAM! the Dark Lord said, “let there be a couple of tunes.”

Watch the video for “F*ck This Up” below:

“The Bandcamp download of this single comes with some stems and loops for you to “f*ck up” in your DAW, if you’re into that kind of thing”,  says Woolfolk, who goes on to suggest that those who are feeling creative should: “Feel free to share the result of your DAW fuckery with me. Stay healthy and thanks for listening!”

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