Hailing from Athens, Georgia, Deathrock act Vincas are invoking a special kind of Southern flair to their dreary punk-infused cemetery dirges that cull from the dreamscapes and nightmares of from the assorted works of H.P. Lovecraft and David Lynch—with the dash of Howlin’ Wolf for good measure.

These haunted melodies and vampiric tunes are more Birthday Party than Bauhaus, and the Caveman and late Roland S. Howard might approve of these macabre whiskey-soaked anthems that stagger along with swamp-like guitars, growling bass, and frontman Chris McNeal’s wicked baritone croon.

McNeal (who also rocks as a member of the renowned Maserati) states:

“Pretty much every song on the record is about an unimaginable evil destroying or enhancing a person’s life. Just a random horrible or liberating experience.”

The latest track from the record “Let Me In” illustrates this point. Taking its name from the excellent Hammer Horror remake of a Scandinavian classic, the sucrient lyrics are chilling:

“I’ll crawl through your window / I’ll scratch, let me in / Say the words and let me in”

Listen below:

Phantasma is Vincas’ third full-length, following 2013’s Blood Bleeds and 2016’s Deep in the Well. The album was engineered by Mike Albanese (Maserati), and mixed and mastered Kyle Spence (Harvey Milk). Newest Vincas member Gene Woolfolk, who joined during the recording of Phantasma, is a member of noise-rock supergroup Plaque Marks.

The album is out May 29th through Learning Curve Records.

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