European post-punk duo Schonwald have returned with their video for “Fall Appart”, a track featured on their forthcoming new album Abstraction,

Conjuring a deep dense atmosphere the band summons a dark psychedelic haze that captures imagery of driving through a serpentine road through fog-laden road, headlights bouncing off the mist that blurs the boundaries between road and ravine.

“Fall Appart” is a cold black dreamscape that vibrates in captivating mesmerism, that at moments is caustic and shuddering like the works of Alan Vega and Mercury Rev, while at others, wrapped in the ethereal gauze-like cacophony of My Bloody Valentine,

Watch the video for “Fall Appart” below:

Despite its German name, Schonwald is an Italian duo that maintains a unique place in the European underground that distills the perfect blend between nostalgia and modernity, coldness and sensuality.

Their first album “Amplified Nature” was released in 2009 (Pocket Heaven Records – Lux). This was followed by “Dream for the Fall” (2014) and “Between Parallel Lights” (2015), records that were released in collaboration with French labels Manic Depression and Anywave. Then “Night Idyll” released in 2017 on Manic Depression.

Together Schonwald’s Alessandra and Luca create pulsing, electronic vibrations, that wrap the ears in obscure and atmospheric sounds, whose psychedelic drone is interwoven with bright and shimmering ethereal movements.

Abstraction is the latest Schonwald’s work where the theme itself is inspired by esoteric hymns, aesthetic mantras, echoes of savage human nature. A voyage through introspection of the 21st century’s utopian hopes.

Abstraction is out on November 20th through Manic Depression Records.

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