Genre dying post-punk veterans Dead Can Dance have revealed their video for “The Invocation”, a movement taken from ACT II of their primeval and manichean ninth studio album Dionysus.

The song is chilling ritualistic litany unglued from time, evoking the pagan archetypes that Dead Can Dance are best known for—starting with their mask adorned debut album released over 35 years ago.

Photo Credit: Jay Brooks

Indeed, this penchant for masks is beautifully demonstrated in the surreal video directed by the Bulgarian company Wonderswamp, whose enlistment into collaboration with Brendan Perry and Lisa Gerrard bolsters Gerrard’s connection to Bulgarian culture, as she has been tirelessly touring the past few years with Bulgarian Choir’s The Mystery Of The Bulgarian Voices project.

On making the video, Wonderswamp have enthusiastically stated:

“When we were contacted by Dead Can Dance we were very excited, as we had been fans of the
band for many years and this was a great opportunity to create something for an act we admire. When we heard ‘The Invocation’ the excitement grew as the song features motifs inspired by Bulgarian folklore music, and to see that our music and traditions can inspire them motivated us further. It was also an opportunity to create a narrative for a video based on ancient traditions that used to be practiced in our country and are still somehow preserved to the present day. The match between these peculiar rituals and the band’s music could not be better.”

Watch the video below:

Dionysus is out now!  Order the album here.


  • May 02: Le Liberte, Rennes, France
  • May 04 / 05: Eventim Apollo, London, UK
  • May 07 / 08: Cirque Royale, Brussels, Belgium
  • May 10 / 11: Grand Rex, Paris, France
  • May 13 / 14: Tivoli Vredenburg, Utrecht, Netherlands
  • May 16 / 17: Tempodrom, Berlin, Germany
  • May 20 / 21: Barts, Barcelona, Spain
  • May 23 / 24: Aula Magna, Lisbon, Portugal
  • May 26 / 27: Teatro Degli Arcimboldi, Milan, Italy
  • June 16: Alte Oper, Frankfurt, Germany
  • June 18 / 19: Ruhrcongress, Bochum, Germany
  • June 21 / 22: Torwar Hall, Warsaw, Poland
  • June 24: Kongresove Centrum Praha, Prague, Czech Republic
  • June 26: Papp Laszlo Budapest Sportarena, Budapest, Hungary
  • June 28: Sava Centar, Belgrade, Serbia
  • June 30: Roman Theatre Of Philippopolis, Plovdiv, Bulgaria
  • July 01: Dassous Theatre, Thessaloniki, Greece
  • July 03: Herodion Theatre, Athens, Greece

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