Mannheim born and Berlin based singer/songwriter Laura Carbone conjures old fashioned dark rock with shoegaze undertones that has a vibe and atmosphere that subconsciously evokes sprawling highway stretched across the western United States.

Like a road trip through a David Lynch film’s more benevolent dreamscapes, Laura, and her entourage of Brodie White on Bass,  Jeff Collier on Drums, and Mark Lewis on Guitar, made their trek across the coast, following a gig in NYC, and several successful showcases at this year’s SXSW, including one where they shared the stage with Drab Majesty among others at Austin Goth club Elysium.

Following SXSW, Laura and her bandmates touched down in Los Angeles, meeting with video director Jesse Dvorak, who documented the ensuing tour with his spellbinding photography, which are accompanied by Laura own’s introspective musings.


We touched ground 
in Los Angeles
I greeted the Palms and the Sky,
then instantly 
went to the Space.

An old Factory
The address had to stay a secret.
After Soundcheck,
We tried to get our first Californian Tacos
without success.

After the Show,
I took my time
to come down
to arrive
to soon get ready for
San Francisco.

Our Van to drive
from LA to San Francisco
to give a shelter on the way
through the blooming

The Space was filled
with friends and family
of my band and me.
I sensed how high the stages are
here in California.
And how many steps you would need
to walk them up 
and down.

All the sudden
the night in San Francisco
ended how it welcomed us
With cold californian rain
Our San Francisco morning
kept on being moody
and gloomy
like an April
in Germany
We decided
to spend the morning
close by the ocean.
The first time
I touched
the Pacific Ocean.

A low hit a window,
of our shelter for this trip.
Not much was stolen.
We were kinda lucky.
The Police said
that It’s quite common,
ant that we’re really kinda lucky.
it took some time and distance
till everyone recovered
in their own pace
from this assault.

We arrived in Cambria
at the Moonstone Beach
very close to the Sunset.
I remember slamming my belongings
into my Hotel Room.
To run down to the water,
To wave another „Hello“
To the Ocean.
To follow the tides,
A little too far,
To be hit by a playful wave
And being soaked and refreshed
by the Pacific Ocean.

On our way back to LA
Peter intuitively made sure
we would see a lot of this
outstanding beauty called
We stopped
close to Santa Barbara
to gaze into the wide.
Jesse asked me to
look at him for a photo.
And he captured my mood
About an overwhelming trip
That was about to end.

Laura Carbone will be performing this summer exclusively at only at Wave Gotik Treffen in Leipzig (06/07 – 06/10/2019)

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