LA. synth punk and EBM darlings Sextile are currently on an indefinite hiatus, but that has not stopped the creative inspiration stemming from the brilliant beats of last autumn’s 3 EP.

On songs such as “Spun”, and “Paradox”, the pared down pairing of Brady Keehn and Melissa Scaduto showcase their use of a sequencers, KORG MS-10, a Fender Stratocaster, a LinnDrum, and various percussion instruments. This all together evokes a minimalist proto-ebm sound somewhere between the proto-EBM of DAF and political post-punk funk of Gang of Four.

The 3 EP as a whole–taking its inspiration from Luigi Russolo’s Futurist manifesto “The Art of Noises”—gets the perfect visual companion in the video for the pulsing and hypnotic track “Hazing”. With scenes shot with wide angle lens distortion, the visuals a melange of saturated colors juxtaposed with a sparse and brilliant set design evoking high fashion, fetish, and 80’s nostalgia.

Director Gabriel Francez explains:

“The video is about a dream. The idea was to represent the blurriness of it, where all of the perception is altered and images come one after the other. I imagined the dream being divided into three main levels separated by the red door, representing for the boy character a sign of escape. In each room he finds himself stuck in this surrealistic thriller and look desperately for the exit as the characters try to keep him in this crazy hallucination. It’s an odyssey within the dream where the character is tested by his subconscious.”

Watch the video for Hazing below:

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