Brooklyn collaborative outfit Dawn Reason releases an effervescent new track called Chthonic Dream today. Firmly in the realm of dream-pop and post-punk, with nods to Radiohead, Sigur Rós and My Bloody Valentine, the track is a melancholic reflection and absolutely timely for the 21st century:

Waiting here for days, passion is gone

No desire to feel

The world has ignored, land is robbed

The dream is of control

Future is white, cannot be seen

Fronted by writer/producer Steve Hudock, Dawn Reason is less of a traditional band setup than a collective concept, showcasing songs with a kaleidoscope of musicians to give songs a unique feel and to embrace the element of change.

The simple, geometric video by Dani Mari highlights the simple poetry of the sad, resigned lyrics sung by Tasha Abbott.

The track was recorded with Steve Hudock on acoustic, bass, engineering, and production; Christian Li on keyboards, and Elliot Danby on electric guitar and drums.

Sit back and be absorbed in the Chthonic Dream.

Header Photo by Jen Meller

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