Swedish post-punk quartet It’s For Us are back with the fantastic new single “You Are The One”, the band’s first new material following the release of last year’s critically acclaimed second studio album Stay.

The song is a fast-paced howling storm of guitars and anthemic vocals that roar with the peaks of passion the song”s fervent call to believe in yourself.

Singer/songwriter Camilla explains how this love song belongs to you, and you alone:

“‘You Are The One’ is about the struggle with depression and low self-esteem. And coming to terms with the fact that you are good enough. A love song of sorts to oneself and life.”

Listen below:

“You Are The One” is taken from the band’s forthcoming new EP which will be released on April 24 The was EP recorded in isolation in the small western Finland town called Malax, which will be the title of the record as well.

Featured photo by Joe Dilworth

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