Berlin-based music act Stony Sugarskull, the sonic project led by the beguiling Dr. Monika Demmler, has unleashed its inner lioness with the grainy punk-infused video for “House on Fire”, a track oozing with the kind of swagger you would find if Marianne Faithful were to push Iggy off stage and front the stooges herself.

Finding itself treading the borderlands between garage and post-punk, and displaying a sociopolitical message, the song is a very promising sign of the full-length LP looming on the horizon.

“House on Fire” is accompanied by a music video shot by Jean de Oliveira, in both Budapest and Demmler”s surroundings in Berlin last summer.

Watch the video below:

Demmler”s musical self-discovery was fueled by a car accident on the German Autobahn, that she only barely survived, and a subsequent trip through the South of the US. What she brought back from this journey is the inspiration and the determination to actualize her very own personal approach towards rock & roll.

House on Fire is the first single off Stony Sugarskull”s debut album Lioness which will be released later in 2020.

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