Redder Moon, a music project led by Jeremiah James Gonzales (Knife Crime, Be/Non, Rhunes, Elevator Division, Umberto), features the moody synths of Brody Lowe (Loqsa), and vocals and lyrics of Jill McKeever. As a team, the band blends a whirlwind of darkwave, synthpop, and post-punk. Analogue synths, dark dance beats, dreamy guitars, and soft vocals evade time and move effortlessly between genres.

Brody Lowe met Jeremiah soon after relocating to Portland in 2019, and quickly found his place reviving the dance undertones of the moody instrumentals. Lowe is a quiet presence behind a large scope of music videos and album art. His music ranges from video game scores to band collaborations to his solo project, Loqsa.

Jill McKeever joined as a vocalist/lyricist in 2020. A violinist in her early music projects led her to a degree in Electronic Art, where she explored video and music recording. Prior to quarantine, McKeever focused on her perfume brand, For Strange Women, before returning to music.

Their debut Land of the Blind celebrated its first anniversary this summer. For this milestone, Redder Moon decided to do something special.

“We asked all our peers/friends to submit their take on our songs,” says the band. “The response was so overwhelming, we are doing two EP releases.”

Following the first remix EP celebrating June Gloom is the July High Version. Included in the new RMX II collection are offerings from Vision Video, Brother Vs Robot, Xander Harris, Future Museums, Loqsa, and The Prince Network (Ryan Pinkston).

The video below for “Rapid Eye Movement REMIX” itself is a revision of the classic 80s documentary film The Secret World of Bats by Stacy Keach.

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Listen to the full EP RMX II below, and purchase it digitally here.

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