Celebrating one year since the release of Redder Moon’s debut EP, Land of The Blind, the band proudly releases the June Gloom remixes of their songs from the album.

Redder Moon is a music project led by Jeremiah James Gonzales (Knife Crime, Be/Non, Rhunes, Elevator Division, Umberto), and features the moody synths of Brody Lowe (Loqsa), and vocals and lyrics of Jill McKeever.

Together, the band blends and defies genres into a melange of darkwave, synthpop, and post-punk creating a sound that escapes direct comparisons, as seen on their full-length album Hell is Other People, and their debut Land of the Blind, which celebrates its one year anniversary this month.

For this milestone, Redder Moon decided to do something special.

“For its birthday we asked all our peers/friends to submit their take on our songs,” says the band. “The response was so overwhelming, we are doing two EP releases.”

Included on RMX I are remixes by NITE, The Foreign Resort, Umberto, Monta At Odds, and LOQSA.

Watch the video for the NITE remix of Astral Body 2 Body below:

Weaving a dreamlike gauze of Analogue synths, dark rhythms, otherworldly guitars, and soft ethereal vocals, Redder Moon’s music melts away reality with a hypnotic melody that wanders the blurred and expansive edges between genres.

Listen below:

The next remix release is slated to come out in July.

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