I’ll be your savior.
I’ll be your reason for failure.

The untimely death of a girlfriend prompted Christopher Cruz to start a band in tribute. The trauma of her loss led to a temporary disconnect from reality, but Cruz eventually graduated college and landed a job in Dallas, finding healing with Natalie’s uncle and taking inspiration from Trent Reznor, Alice In Chains, and the music of newer industrial acts such as Lunacy and Mvtant.

“I began creating music again. He really helped me dissect into music and express myself. Listening to a lot of Jane’s Addiction at the time and seeing my music evolve with his help.” Armed with a Macbook, Logic, Ableton, and a Korg MS20, Cruz embarked on a new journey.

Cruz been in numerous projects in the San Antonio underground scene, soon crossing paths with Mvtant. “Seeing him perform as a solo artist in the underground scene inspired me to create music.  He would then go on to open for She Wants Revenge in 2018.

Natalie’s Skin recently opened for SRSQ and Korine, and the project has also released the cathartic video for the new single “Are You My Reason For Failure?”

Directed by Libby Del Barrio, the disturbing performance art video illustrates the extreme industrial oeuvre of Natalie’s Skin. It’s an exorcism of sorts, moving forward.

Watch the video below:

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