Out-and-proud Los Angeles outfit, Duderella, announces the release of their fiery new single, “Boy Toy,” a caustic garage rock meets post-punk song that would be right at home in the collection of Lux and Poison Ivy or the soundtrack to an early 90s John Waters film.

An anthem for the ages, nestled somewhere in the unholy alliance of Motorhead, The Cramps, and a Robert Mapplethorpe photograph, Dan Reyes (Bass/Vox) Chris Magallon (Drumset/Synth) belt out a high-energy number that touches on desire, lust, and raw hedonism. The band also aims to challenge body acceptance in gay media and the mainstream. Coming on strong and uninhibited like an alt-punk Soft Cell, “Boy Toy” is a filthy song…but satisfies a craving.

The accompanying performance video, directed and edited by Cesar Luna, is intercut with images of the singer cruising…and in doing so, discovers that chaos and frustration exist in a maddening ouroboros.

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