Berlin-based darkwave band Night Nail has unveiled a mesmeric remix of their latest studio album’s title track, “March To Autumn”, by Cult of Alia. Fueled by science fiction lore, video game soundtracks, religious mythos, and years of performing in underground clubs and venues, this remix is as haunting as it is danceable.

David Wright formed Cult Of Alia as a mix of darkwave and industrial that hits hard on a dance floor, soothing cursed wounds and guiding you through a labyrinth of nostalgia. Cult Of Alia has exploded into the remix world with appearances on two recent albums from Twin Tribes and System Syn.

Brandon Robert and Justin Deaktivere formed Night Nail in Los Angeles in 2013, later moving to Berlin. They had embarked upon writing and recording the songs for March To Autumn just before the chaos of the pandemic began. They finished mixing this album during lockdown. Recruiting the talents of Pete Burns (Kill Shelter), Night Nail weaves together sounds and themes of the loss of hope, giving into fear and paranoia, a love for the nostalgic, and looking within ourselves into the total unknown.

The new version of “March To Autumn” has a spellbinding and almost ethereal aura, creating an introspective, but certainly dancefloor-friendly feel to the song. Here, it almost sounds like a sonic cousin to one of the tracks on Clan of Xymox’s Darkwave masterpiece Medusa.

Listen to the reworked version of “March to Autumn” below:

Night Nail’s latest album March to Autumn is available now on CD, vinyl, and digital download.

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