Portuguese synth-punk duo Velvet Kills, featuring the intensely seductive Su Eko on Vocals/Bass and Harris Iveson on Guitar/Synths, have unleashed their video for “In The Goldmine”, a dark brooding anthemic track featured on the pair’s latest record, Bodhi Labyrinth.

Pushing us down into the depths of a mine shaft, with its dusky synths, scratchy guitars, and harsh and grinding beats, the song burns with the pale fire of Su Eko’s lyrics that mirror the Jungian shadows of a world placed under the sins of the unconscious mind, watching the vultures of our economic system descend, with lies whispered into our ears.

“In the Gold Mine” stylishly strobed video dark 80s infused video was Directed and Produced by Art Mistake and Antonio Colombini, and features Fotoplasta as Director of Photography, with Visuals by Astronauta Mecanico, and Makeup by Susana Santos.

Watch the video for “In the Gold Mine” below:

Velvet Kills’ Bodhi Labyrinth is out now through a joint release between Icy Cold Records, Manic Depression Records, and Unknown Pleasures Records.

Here is the album’s manifesto:

“Awakening the labyrinth of our minds to be freed from hate, greed, and ego this album brings us to the reality of our actual society. The messages come coded in sarcasm, euphemism, hyperbole, and irony where the two dig into the files of a lonely civilization and question the purpose of life vs government structures where we “Cash and Move” and where love is forgotten. Inside the “Noise” of the apocalyptic war a “Hangover Calling” to the universe to raise humans to a higher state of positive vibration.“The Key” is Love.”

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