Following the stream of their Primer LP, masked Chicago darkwave duo NONE OF YOUR CONCERN have dropped their video for “Cinnamon”, one of seven aurally intense electronic music tracks featured on the album.

The mysterious partnership that is NOYC is comprised of two musicians that were raised on different sides of the artistic spectrum, yet both share a common cause in these dark times.

One is a classically trained musician, performing arts teacher and former dancer, who uses the arts to promote social justice. The other fronts a local LGBTQ+ punk band and has worked for a decade to bring multiple genres of music to the queer community on the west side of Chicago.

NOYC initially came to our attention with their spectral club remix of Secret Shame’s “Haunter”, a remix that was seductive transmutation, conjuring unseen demons pulling limbs like a puppetmaster in rhythmic animation to the sinister electronic beats that tread a thin line between darkwave and EBM.

The video for “Cinamon” was Directed by Taylor Wells, and is described as a quarantine fever dream left open for interpretation by the viewer. This is an apt description, as the clip seems like a purple-tinged homage to David Lynch, where a masked figure watches swaying bodies in silhouette rotating on a television monitor as the ethereal electronic beats disorient the senses.

Watch below:

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