Los Angeles-based Darkwave project L, one half of Famblood, is the alter ego of musician Lynette Ríos Padilla, who melds retro-synthwave theatrical and iconic stage personas.

Post-Punk.com interviewed L back in October after the initial release of Discipline. Padilla reflected upon her work with her cousin in Famblood and where her L solo project took her artistically. She also spoke about the inspiration for the theme of Discipline, chosen mainly as a self-reminder to keep striving and to connect to anyone trying to find their purpose: “To me, this album is firing the torch to keep my bum lit, to keep growing and learning as an emerging artist, to remain hungry, and curious towards my artistry…Whether it be with romance, or self-worth, or as an American civilian, I take the fundamentals of what defines discipline while mixing them with my deepest thoughts, expressing myself through the journey of album production, the duality of my identity really presents itself.”

L reconstructs the pop elements of her idols through the lens of her experiences as a dark electronic artist in the Los Angeles area. Now, the tracks from her 2020 debut album Discipline get the remix treatment from a brilliant selection of electronic artists and producers.

The artists included on the roster each offer their own vision of L’s magnum opus by reworking Discipline’s ear-shattering tracks. This remix album is an intriguing collection blending a wide variety of styles: techno, EBM, darkwave, ethereal, industrial, electro, EDM, and powerful dark electronics. Artists reworking the stems include French darkwave project Hante., griefwave artist SRSQ, German Techno/EBM duo Rendered, Manufactura, Russian electronic dance project VVOKAA, Recon, Mellow Code, Spheric, Dreamscape Invocation, and Damascus Knives.

A self-directed lo-fi video for the track Pend is out today. Watch it below:

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