Former bassist of The Chelsea Girl/Nine Black Alps, Lane has broken out on her own with XUP (pronounced Zoop).  Mustang bass, drums, and vocals…Lane does it all.

Feed The Wolf Inside is XUP‘s latest offering. According to Lane, the track examines “a primal creature that shape-shifts between predator and prey, and dances between the chase and the kill. It creeps into birth, life, death and all the sick and twisted love songs that fill the deep, dark spaces in between.” Feed The Wolf Inside is the third and final single from the titular XUP album. The song was written, arranged and produced by XUP and was written, performed and recorded at the start of the Covid apocalypse in Manchester at Cherry Vitriol Studios. It is available for digital download and streaming on Bandcamp, Spotify, and iTunes. The accompanying video (and indeed all her art direction) was self-directed by XUP.

Lane began to record and perform as XUP in London in 2008 before returning to Manchester in 2015. XUP has produced six albums to date. If one reluctantly places XUP in a box, the sharpie label would read post-new-wave and garage… with very, very occasional hints of 90s grunge. “But boxes are for breaking out of don’t you think?” muses Lane. Think Joy Division directing an arthouse B-movie starring Sonic Youth and Patti Smith; a black and bleach-heeled nightmare of hate and cigarettes; a torn and tortured beauty in equal measures. With mesmerising post-Siouxsie grit, and honeyed vocals on a barbed wire bed, XUP conjures menacing angst, gouged by a dead-eyed, sparsely-detached noir.

A fascinating track from XUP.

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