Meet you on the other side, Fascination.

Australian darkwave artist Buzz Kull (aka Marc Dwyer), unfurls a blistering new retro-futuristic music video for the title track from their 2022 album Fascination. With a nod to Front 242, Front Line Assembly, and Cabaret Voltaire, the high-paced, throbbing dance track dwells in the sinister fog of fraught personal experience. Dwyer is a master at composing a pop hook shrouded in the smog of murky new wave and a cloak of wry humanity.

The video, directed by Throat Pasta, depicts Dwyer isolated in various forms of prison cells, sometimes masked, peering out curiously as if a caged animal or criminal. The effect is unsettling, but suits the brooding darkness and experimental nature of Buzz Kull – as if we are each a Clarice Starling nervously observing him from the outside.

Watch below:

Fascination was written between 2019 and 2021. At the tail of 2021, Buzz Kull, who had recently returned to Sydney amid lockdown, sequestered himself to his bedroom and completed the album, with final production from Jonathan Schenke (Parquet Courts/Liars). Fascination is out now via Avant! as a second edition, available to order on clear red vinyl (limited to just 500 copies). For those who prefer their music on CD, the first 4-panel digipak edition is also available, with a limited run of just 250 copies. Additionally, the first-ever 4-panel digipak CD edition of Buzz Kull’s debut album New Kind Of Cross, is now available, also limited to just 250 copies.

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