“Life takes its course and very often we end up discovering places we could never have predicted,” muses Jonny Bergman of Nomotion. “There are places that have always been familiar to us, without even knowing the reason, and others that become so, thanks to the link with a feeling or a certain period of life. It transforms a previously unknown place into one’s own and welcoming ‘home.’

This is the impetus behind the beautiful ballad Lullaby Rose, but instead of the American heartland, the scene is set in the seaside town of Brighton, England, where Bergman now resides. The song brings to mind classic country crooners like Waylon Jennings and Porter Wagoner, but with a decidedly Southern Gothic flair with the haunting organ, moving into the territory of the Pogues, Nick Cave, Big Country and Richard Hawley. It’s a reminder that the tradition of American country music still has strong folk roots in the soils and souls of Albion, Caledonia and Hibernia, making the video all the more poignant.

The Mold Records team, led by director Sergio Cinghiale, decided to capture some emblematic scenarios of the Sussex coastal town, precisely to fully immerse oneself in that mixed feeling of familiarity and nostalgia.

Watch below:

Originally formed in early 2014, the five-piece Nomotion has developed a unique, identifiable sound. Originally mixing alternative country with a darker garage sound; the music has evolved into a sound best described as Southern Gothic Rock.

Nomotion have self-released several EP’s including a full-length album in 2019 titled “Funeral Parade of Lovers”.Themes showcased in the album include morbid relationships and the struggle of addiction. In 2020 the band started a collaboration with Mold Records, and have since released several singles and music videos with another EP titled “Abide” being released in April 2021.

In late 2022, the band released their video for “Wasted Angel.”

Nomotion have shared the stage with Motorama, Messa, Horror Vacui, The Sade, Reverend Elvis, and Protomartyr.

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