London-based DIY electronic outfit Analog Dance shuffles between modern times and yesteryear in their catchy, lo-fi sound. The ambitious single “Vanished,” a catchy, dance-friendly first offering from their upcoming LP, evokes feelings of euphoria, anesthesia, confusion…and the wild unknown…with their haunting, echoing vocals, aggressive rhythms, and reverb-drenched guitar. We hear elements of Clan of Xymox, New Order, and Sisters of Mercy in their sound, particularly the latter as vocalist/mastermind Jonny lurks in the lower registers of his velvety baritone.

There is a melancholy to his performance, touching on that minor chord twinge brought about by contemporaries Molchat Doma and Ploho, but Vanished distinctly demonstrates his own flavour of introspection.

Jonny describes the writing process for Vanished: “My euphoric, anaesthetized, and nostalgic mind was responsible for this track tracing the last ambiguous years of my life. The song is a paradox between suffering that generates pleasure….experiences unknown to my perception of existence.”

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