Cultivating a love for electronic pop music from an early age, James Edward formed Darkwave act Male Tears as an artistic outlet to channel a particular kind of tenebrous inclinations. Describing Male Tears as “the result of a goth’s love affair with 1980’s new wave,”  the shadowy pop experiment playfully flirts with themes of morbidity, sexuality, and self-destruction with the wonderful track and retro video for “Model Citizen”.

Rife with orchestral hits, sneering baselines, and eerie synth elements channeling traces of early Ministry via “Everyday is Halloween”, as well as current popular acts such as Double Echo, Riki, Nuovo Testamento, and Wingtips, the playful darkwave jaunt lurches its way on the dance floor as a gaggle of dozy black-clad goths writhe around like Solid Gold dancers in hyperspace. The wonky analogue treatment in the AJ Strout-directed video gives it the nostalgic feel of a massive satellite dish beaming a half-scrambled Night Flight.

“The gothic party ghouls of LA strike back with an abstract, surreal pop-video showcasing our sense of humor and style!” declares the band. Indeed!

Watch the video for “Model Citizen” below:

Male Tears made its debut with a self-titled album released in February of 2021. Frank Shark joined the project in 2021. The band released their second album, Trauma Club in December of 2021.

Stay tuned for more from Male Tears, meanwhile, the band has scheduled a few shows around Southern California during the spring.

Live Shows:

  • Mar 17 Whistle Stop Bar San Diego
  • May 08 Underground Stage, Catch One Los Angeles (LA)

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