NYC post-punk outfit Lathe of Heaven have made their debut with a three-song demo cassette. Featuring members of Porvenir Oscuro, Hustler, Android, I-SO, People’s Temple, and Pawns, the band’s influences sonically strive to encompass the old-school sounds of 80s Spanish post-punk and British new wave.

Lyrically, the project pays homage to classic and contemporary science fiction literature in the vein of Arthur C. Clarke, Octavia Butler, Ken Liu, and of course Ursula Le Guin, whose novel Lathe of Heaven the band are named after.

The quality of the demo is top-notch, with bombastic drums, angular guitar lines, and cry-havoc vocals from Pawns veteran Gage Allison, the music is reminiscent of early UK positive punk like Zounds, Blood and Roses, and Rubella Ballet, as well as Spanish post-punk such as  Parálisis Permanente, and Danish gothic punk heroes ADS.

Listen to Lathe of Heaven’s demo below:

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Lathe of Heaven hair a pair of NYC gigs lined up in March, included one at TV Eye the 19th, and Synthcide with Body of Light on the 24th.

Upcoming Shows:

  • 3/19 at TV EYE W/ Manat
  • 3/24 at Saint Vitus W/ Body of Light

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