Italian post-punk act Kill Your Boyfriend, a dark duo hailing from the floating city of Venice, and named after the infamous Grant Morrison one-shot comic, have unveiled their official video for their intense their new single “Elizabeth”, a song which made its debut last week.

The brilliantly shot video, directed by Blau!, follows a woman’s progressive decline into a world of madness and hallucinations, represented by the band’s sinister incursions into her mind. The morbid obsession of our dark heroine with her loved one intensifies throughout their relationship, until the tragic ending, in a mix of ironic absurdity and sinister allusions towards the Italian horror classics of Argento, Bava and Avati.

Watch the video for “Elizabeth” below:

You can pick up the single, plus its remix by Preoccupations’ guitarist Daniel Christiansen—whose band was formerly known as Viet Cong.

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