In December of 1984, Canadian Industrial music act Skinny Puppy released their debut EP on Nettwerk records Remission, which was later expanded into a cassette release the following year that transformed the EP into a mini-album, with the addition of 5 more tracks such as “Manwhole”, “Icebreaker”, “Film”, “Incision”, and “Glass Out”.

Skinny Puppy initially formed as a duo—previously self-releasing the Back & Forth EP that was limited to just 35 home-printed copies.

For Remission, founding members Nivek Ogre and cEvin Key, enlisted Bill Leeb on additional synths. Leeb would later leave Skinny Puppy, and go on to form Front Line Assembly by the time the band released their second full-length studio album Mind: The Perpetual Intercourse, which was released in 1987.

In addition to the tracks “Brap…”, “Glass Houses”, Solvent, and “Sleeping Beast” were the iconic tracks “Far Too Frail”, and “Smothered Hope”.

Later in 1987, Remission would be issued together with Skinny Puppy’s debut LP Bites as Bites and Remission on a CD release containing a staggering 17 tracks—whereas the European PIAS version reversely named Remission & Bites had only 14 tracks on it.

Remission (original 12″ vinyl version)

Back (Side A)

  • A1 Smothered Hope
  • A2 Glass Houses
  • A3 Far Too Frail
  • Side B –

Forth (Side B)

  • B1 Solvent
  • B2 Sleeping Beast
  • B3 Brap…

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