It can be immensely difficult to break a toxic cycle. Be it a stagnant career, a relationship that has run its course (or imploded), a family dynamic, a failed friendship, or a stifling societal pressure – shedding your mask and demanding better for your soul takes hard work and discipline. Dallas electronic outfit NITE addresses these dense bricks that wall up our authentic selves, the weird, happy, childlike parts of our lives that often get buried.

Hallelujah (Your Ego is Gone) is a celebration of ridding the toxic mindset that hinders us from happiness and being your true self,” says the band. With an electro-psychedelic sound straight out of the 90s, twin brother producers Kyle and Myles Mendes take inspiration from Nine Inch Nails, The Faint, and The Horrors. We also hear a little nod to Smashing Pumpkins, Frank Black, fin-de-siècle Pet Shop Boys and Blur throughout this echoing testament to reclaiming your own power.

The Mendes brothers’ energetic, infectious hooks make us believe, for once, that it truly is possible to push through the dark night of the soul. There’s brighter days ahead…just shed that ego protecting your shell, and rejoice.

The DIY video from the band details a party scene, where people stare at each other and pose, making us wonder what their hidden truths could be. It becomes a dizzying montage of imagery as the twins croon out the refrain: “come on, come on, show us who you are.”

…So let that spice flow, and watch this clip:

NITE has toured and shared stages with the likes of Small Black, Vision Video, The New Division, A Flock of Seagulls, ACTORS, Clean Bandit, and Midge Ure.

Find the band’s Hallelujah (Your Ego is Gone) EP on Bandcamp here.

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