Don’t believe it’s the last thing that you’ll see,
Don’t concede to lie down at their feet…

As the fourth installment of Samo Records‘ yearly compilation, Polygon contains eight tracks that sweep across electronic music genres. The Northampton, Massachusetts-based artist, Clock Serum, offers up a raucous EBM-infused dance track titled “Falling Around.”

Wicked and gritty, “Falling Around” dives into the seediest corners of the grungy club. Clock Serum’s vocals only further emphasize the swirling urgency of imminent darkness as he sings, “Don’t give in… don’t give in…” It’s a warning that few will heed as the song’s harsh beat pursues a bassline that’s seemingly on the brink of hysteria. “Falling Around” fits within the realm of Buzz Kull’s shadowy aesthetic or the industrial and distorted stylings of Filmmaker.

Listen below:

Alongside Clock Serum, Polygon features tracks from virtue_signal, Bustié, Alpha Sect feat. The Hanged Man,Cavalry Stone, NiKiT, Jack Carel and Gem Wallow.

Polygon is out on December 2, 2022.  Purchase via Bandcamp.


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