Deep Down Wise is a dark electronic music duo comprised of Alvys H. and Alisa E. Their self-titled 11-track album has at long last been released in the wilds, after two long years of studio work and curation.

With Deep Down Wise, the pair “immerse the listener in the vast chambers of the inner self, pulsating with the energy of the dance floor.” It is a dazzling display of spoken word, sensuous trance beats, angelic choral arrangements, ethereal harmonies, and eerie synth soundscapes that transport the listener into another dimension. Deep Down Wise – the album and the band –  is less of a cohesive vibe than it is the culmination of a plethora of musical influences. We hear elements of Pet Shop Boys, Erasure, the vocals of Eurythmics/Annie Lennox, Depeche Mode (indeed, half the Mute roster!), and John Foxx; the club sound of the mid-90s, and a healthy dose of gothic sensibility.

The standout track, “Reflections”, is a dizzying EBM masterpiece with distinct Euro-flavour. Concurrently, the dark oeuvre of “Howling” evokes the paradox of connection through isolation; of solitary confinement within a large space.

Deep Down Wise takes a minimalist approach to lyrics, but the energy around the words throughout the album revolves around themes of isolation, desperation, and fear. A solid collection.

All songs on this album were mixed at Abbey Road Studios by Simon Gibson, and mastered at Metropolis Studios London, including a remastered version of “Ambers”.

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