Darkwave legends Clan of Xymox are set to release this month their 16th studio album and first in three years,  Spider on the Wall.

The new album is a 10-song collection whose old-school sound had been previewed previously by Ronny Moorings and Co. with the two singles and “She” and “Lovers”. Each track made their debut with expertly shot videos in both February and April, respectively, of this year, featuring remixes from modern acts such as She Past Away and Ash Code.

Watch the video for the third single from the album,  “All I Ever Know,” below:

Spider on the Wall, the follow-up to 2017’s Days of Black, is due out July 24th via Trisol and Metropolis Records.

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1. “She”
2. “Lovers”
3. “Into The Unknown”
4. “All I Ever Know”
5. “I Don’t Like Myself”
6. “Spider On The Wall”
7. “When We Were Young”
8. “Black Mirror”
9. “My New Lows”
10. “See You On The Other Side”

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